Bagels to Go

One dozen $13.00
1/2 Dozen $7.00
Single $1.50
Single Bagel & Shmear $3.95

Mini bagels by the dozen  $11.00
(24 Hour notice required Mon-Fri)

Bagel choices:

Flavors may vary depending on business day.
To ensure you get the bagels you want, you can prepay & pre-order.
When taking bagels home, please refrigerate or freeze to avoid spoiling.
We DO NOT use preservatives.

Bagel Choices

Alaska HealthJalapeño Cheddar
Apple CinnamonMulti-Grain
Asiago CheeseOnion
Bacon CheesePesto Cheese
Bacon Jalapeño CheesePlain
BlueberryPoppy Seed
Cheddar CheesePumpernickel
Chocolate ChipRaspberry
Cinnamon RaisinSalt
Cranberry OrangeSesame Seed
French ToastSpinach Cheddar
Garlic ParmesanWheat

Shmears to Go

2 oz.
5.5 oz.
8 oz.
Plain $1.50Plain $2.70Plain $3.99
Blueberry/ Raspberry $1.70Blueberry/ Raspberry $3.35Blueberry/ Raspberry $4.99
Honey Almond $1.70Honey Almond $3.35Honey Almond $4.99
Veggie/Spinach Herb $1.80Veggie/Spinach Herb $3.65Veggie/Spinach Herb $5.15
Jalapeño/Sun-dried Tomato/Onion Chive $1.80Jalapeño/Sun-dried Tomato/Onion Chive $3.65Jalapeño/Sun-dried Tomato/Onion Chive $5.15
Smoked Salmon $2.15Smoked Salmon $3.85Smoked Salmon $5.95