Favorite Sandwiches

Chicken Salad
(Plain Cream Cheese, Cold Chicken Salad)
Mt McKinley
(Avocado Spread,Plain Cream Cheese, Red onions, Tomato & Alfalfa Sprouts)
Brooks Range
(Spinach Herb CC, Cucumber, Red onions, Tomato, & Alfalfa Sprouts)
Flat Top
( Avocado Spread, Cucumber, Red onions, Tomato, & Alfalfa Sprouts)
Half Sandwiches
Add Soup Cup or (S) Green Salad for 6
Lox & CC
(Cream Cheese of choice, (2) Slices of Lox on each side, Red Onions,Tomato, & Capers) (Extra Slice of Lox 2.00 each)
$13.001/2 $7.00
The Pipeline (Build your own sandwich)
(2) Bagels Toasted with
(2) 2oz Cream Cheese of Choice
(2) Slices of Roast Beef
(2) Slices of Smoked Turkey
(2) Slices of Lox
(2) Slices of Swiss & Cheddar
(2) Slices of Tomato
(Mayo & Mustard Packets)

***Add Alfalfa Sprouts to any sandwich for 1.00

Choice of Bagel
Alaska HealthJalapeño Cheddar
Asiago CheeseMulti-Grain
Bacon CheeseOnion
Bacon Jalapeño CheesePesto Cheese
Cheddar CheesePoppy Seed
Chocolate ChipPumpernickel
Cinnamon RaisinRaspberry
Cranberry OrangeSalt
EverythingSesame Seed
French ToastSourdough
Garlic ParmesanSpinach Cheddar